sup! it’s sara.

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I’ve been playing music since I was around 11 years old, but I didn’t consider releasing my music much until I got a boost of confidence and encouragement from who would become my musical mentors and co-producers, Kyle and Andy of the band Penny and Sparrow. After touring with them and getting to sing on “Struggle Pretty” I finally released my first EP, “Summit Hour”, in 2015. It’s simple, but I think effective and beautiful.

After receiving ridiculously kind feedback on the EP, I decided to get my feet wet playing some shows and began working on releasing new music. Since then I’ve had the privilege of opening and touring with some incredible bands and artists, Penny and Sparrow, Judah and the Lion, Tow’rs, Seryn, Corey Kilgannon, Duncan Fellows, Jordy Searcy, and some others. Later, I released a summer single, “Youth Hunting”, in 2016, and my first LP, “Stills” in 2017.
After graduating from The University of Texas, I moved from my hometown Austin and got married in the midst of writing “Stills”. You can feel all the aches and pains of change and nostalgia bleeding through in each song. It was a wild time.

2018 was a quiet rebuilding year. Currently, I’m writing my next project, but I have a lofty new goal in mind. My hopes are to produce and record the entire record from my home apartment “studio”. The first product of that process came out April 5, 2019. It’s called “Handmade Thieves”.

If you’d like to know more feel free to shoot me an email. Thanks for reading and thanks for listening.